Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus  

Chants Of Balance

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Chants Of Balance 2003
© Copyright-Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus

Produced by:

Brian Seachrist
Lori Newlove

Music and Lyrics by:
Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus

Cover Art:
Lisa Fernandez-Mitchell

Members at the time of recording:
Crystal Belden
Lisa Fetter
Chance Gray
Dian Gorsira aka Nahani
Jamie Kiefner
Brian Morse
Andrew Newlove
Lori Newlove
Amy Otero
Brian Seachrist
Charles Simmons
Susan Simmons
Kathi Wahls
Leah Wall
Scott Wall


Ed said...

"A truely enchanting album. It has remained in my player since I received it. Silver Rose Quarter Call is outstanding as is everything else on the disc. It is very hard to pick a favorite if forced It would have to be Children of the Earth."

Mike in Jacksonville said...

"Awesome CD. I played it for 3 days straight. A great mix of style and rhythm. My favorite is Lady of the Moon, cant get it out of my head ... So hurry up with the next one already."

K said...

"What I really liked about this CD as a whole is that all who were involved from singers to music were fantastic! My 3 faves are Silver Rose Quarter Call, Magic of the Goddess..& Lady of the Moon as well. The singers voices singly or as a group were strong, clear, & in harmony w/ each other. Loved the diversity of the CD it was great to hear different types of chants. Would recommend this for anyone would loves Celtic Fusion Rock I guess?? Even though it's CHANTS! LOL. CHeck out the CD! Trust me, It will grow on you!"

Star In NC said...

"If you are looking to raise power in your circle then this is the cd for you. Great energy from the cd."

Rev. falonMOON said...

"More than 'GREAT' - Tony Tiger 'GRRRRREAT!' Fantastic music! And you could not find a better group of Pagans on the face of this Earth! They are fun- sweet- caring- and just plain cool! And this CD reflects all of that! We use it for pre-ritual energy! NO PAGAN MUSIC LIBRARY IS COMPLETE WITHOUT THIS GIFT OF SONG!"

Bob Null said...

"The was an excellent CD. When I recived, I feel in love with it. I booked the band based on the CD alone. It is excellent for ritual, or any good spiral dance. Lady of the Moon I have used alot for opening a circle and Loki is fantastic. If you do not have it for your collection Gat it Now- It is worth it. Its that good"

Rick Hencye (Founder, Metaphysical Research Group) said...

"Great music for all tastes...This is a great CD to listen to anytime, When you want private time, group time or simply while driving. I listen to it daily. Appeals to all music tastes...keep up the good work and produce more CDs...Peace..."

Larry in GA said...

"A nice variety of musical styles but every selection is powerful. Useful for ritual space, personal energy-raising or even to play in the house when you are out. You come home and can feel that the house seems lighter, more open. Maybe even cleansed in a way. I'm glad we have this CD. It is both useful and a pleasure."

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