Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus  


Gulf Song: She Gives Us Life

Music by: Michael Johnson.
Lyrics by: Connie Beal, Micheal Johnson, Brian Morse, Lori Newlove, Brian Seachrist and Holli Tempe
Videographer: Theodore Harris

Appearing in this video: Brian Seachrist, Michael Johnson, Lori Newlove, Eric Bohner, Connie Beal and Holli Tempe


Music by: Michael Johnson
Lyrics by: Connie Beal, Jenn Fonslet and Lori Newlove
Video Created by: Eric Bohner
Images taken by: Forest Wander and are used under the Creative Commons Licence.


Music by: Brian Morse
Lyrics by: Brian Morse
Video Created by: Brian Morse

Appearing in this video: Brian Seachrist, Tygia Yunick, Brian Morse, Kestrel, Maria Brueck, Lisa Grondin, LuAnn Morris, Holli Tempe, Michael Johnson, Lori Newlove, Connie Beal, Nahani Gorsira, Jörmungandr, Fenris, Sunna, Mani, a Duck, the Runes, Monty Python's Foot, and of course Loki!

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